Fyodor Bondarchuk raises Paulina Andreeva

Федор Бондарчук возносит Паулину Андрееву The film Director will do anything for a lady. Fyodor Bondarchuk believes that girls need protection from men. He admits that he admires Paulina Andreeva and never ceases to show her love.
Федор Бондарчук возносит Паулину Андрееву

Last year it became known about the novel of a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk and actress Paulina Andreeva. The man divorced his wife and began to come up with a new darling who is younger than his 21 years. Last year there was talk about the forthcoming wedding lovers, however, while the pair has not declared the intention to link their lives with each other. Famous figure in the movie is trying to do everything that the artist felt loved and was constantly surrounded by care. Bondarchuk was given to understand that constantly expresses Andreeva his admiration.

“I love my woman, I admire her, I to her a star from the sky will get it,” admitted Fedor.

Despite the fact that the modern woman could take care of themselves, the Director does not consider that it is right. He tries to do everything to make his fiancee feel protected and able to rely on him at any moment. Bondarchuk believes that the girls should not take on men’s responsibilities.

“The girl — a fragile plant. It is assumed that she needs constant protection. And a man needs this protection to give her. I do not claim dominance and that all work was equal, get the same money. But, if we talk about relationships, why do we need equality? There is physiology, it is different. Well worth the hard table, you wanna take it and bring it, if you like. Only in my mind these things did not fit. You need a woman to raise and how to raise when she drags the table?!” – admitted Fedor.

The man talked about the impression made on him Paulina Andreeva at the first meeting. He saw her on the stage and was amazed. According to him, the girl combines beauty, Comedy and cosmic velocity. Filmmakers said that the actress is a rare theatrical texture. Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva gave the first joint interview

When Fedor began to chat with Paulina closer, he could not remain indifferent to the fact that concepts such as dignity, decency and honesty it is not empty words. Despite the fact that Bondarchuk loves his darling, and always with due respect to women, he admitted edition of Cosmopolitan that doesn’t dream of the equality of the sexes.