Олимпийская чемпионка Светлана Ромашина ждет ребенка At the moment the woman is at competitions in Budapest as an assistant coach. According to her, there’s a good reason. Svetlana Romashina announced that it plans to become a mother for the first time.

27-year-old synchronised swimmer Svetlana Romashina, who is now at competitions in Budapest, shared with fans of good news. Five-time Olympic champion announced that he plans to become a mother for the first time. The athlete is going to give my husband, yachtsman Nikolay Zakharov, adorable kid. The couple are on the seventh heaven from happiness. Your post, dedicated to the replenishment of the family, Romashina accompanied by a picture, which is noticeable on her rounded belly. At the moment Svetlana is in the 23rd week of pregnancy.

“My first world Cup not as athletes. And there is a special reason,” shared a synchronized swimmer.

Many fans of Svetlana Romashina congratulated her with the future kid and wished a easy birth. According to them, the woman will be a wonderful mother. “Oh, we’re on the same time”, “take care of yourself! More positive emotions – it is helpful”, “I Wish you health and happiness”, “Sincerely happy for you”, “Patience!”, “How nice,” “a New stage in life”, “This is a new experience”, “You are the most beautiful,” was discussed by users of social networks.

We will remind that after the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro Svetlana Romashina preferred to take a pause in his career. During a recent conversation with journalists synchronised swimmer said he plans to go to the championship on water sports in Budapest as an assistant coach. By the way, beginners who trained under the guidance Romashina won gold medals at the Junior European Championships.

Note that Svetlana Romashina, her colleague Natalia Ishchenko and fencer Yana egorian were the only members of the Russian team, which managed to win just two gold medals during the competition in Brazil.

Than live “Russian mermaid” Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina

We also add that the Olympic champion legitimized their relationship with the yachtsman Nikolay Zakharov in December 2015. “Now we’re man and wife!” – happy Romashina shared in his microblog. Before you decide to go to the Registrar, in love for a long time lived together. It is worth noting that she shared the Hobbies of a spouse – she took part in a few regattas under the influence of the chosen one and even started to think about sailing.