Вынесен приговор убийце Бориса Немцова Zaur Dadaev received 20 years of imprisonment. Man is considered the direct perpetrator of the crime. His accomplices also called prison terms. In addition, he was ordered to pay a fine of 100 thousand rubles. All the defendants did not admit his involvement in the offense.

The Moscow district military court has pronounced a sentence on business about murder of Boris Nemtsov. The policy was shot on February 27, 2015 in Central Moscow. Zaur Dadaev, who was named the direct perpetrator of the crime, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Initially, the prosecution insisted on his life imprisonment.

In addition, the Prosecutor demanded to fine each defendant on 100 thousand roubles. According to the court, Dadaev will be deprived of the rank of Lieutenant and the order of Courage. Other defendants in the case also received prison sentences. The accused was found sane and responsible for their actions.

Anzor Gubashev was sentenced to 19 years in prison, Shadid Gubarev got 16 years to the Boy Eskerhanova 14 years, Khamzat Bachevo – 11. Lawyers of all defendants in the case announced the decision to appeal the verdict, before its entry into force.

Shortly before the announcement of the Dada spoke to reporters. In the conversation the man again claimed he didn’t kill the policy.

“I’m not guilty if I committed this crime in the name of Allah, the first had to admit, a confession was given under torture. I was told that I’m not going out, my friend was killed during the arrest. And my friends-brothers themselves slandered… please Understand, I am an officer, I’m not stupid to commit this crime right in front of the Kremlin. I was in the military, but at the moment of detention already quit. I wrote applications in Prosecutor’s office, the Commissioner for human rights to the proceedings were fair, but nothing is impossible to achieve, writing back to my own investigator,” said Zaur in conversation with a member of the Public Supervisory Commission.

Lawyers close to Nemtsov dissatisfied with the decision of the court. They insist that the organizers and perpetrators were punished much more severely. “We will discuss our next steps with Jeanne Nemcova,” added the lawyers.

We will remind that Boris Nemtsov was gunned down while walking on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge. According to investigators, the alleged organizer of the murder is Ruslan muhudinov. It was reported that he invited the performers of 15 million rubles for the elimination of Nemtsov. The case of the murder of politician began on 2 October 2016. June 29, the jury found all defendants in the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov guilty.

According to “Rain” and “Medusa”.