Муж Тамары Миансаровой: «Садальский – подонок» Mark Feldman is outraged by the statements of a friend of the artist. The man spoke about the upcoming funeral, which is planned to take place on Monday. The singer of the song “Black cat” Tamara Miansarova died after hospitalization.
Муж Тамары Миансаровой: «Садальский – подонок»

Late in the evening of 12 July, died, the singer Tamara Miansarova. She was in the hospital with pneumonia. The sad news was announced by the civil spouse of the artist mark Feldman.

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky expressed his opinion about the incident. He said that the roommate Miansarovoj were only interested in money. Despite the fact that the couple in harmony, for 40 years the lovers and did not officially register the relationship. Feldman’s troubled words of a friend of his dead lady. He reported on the last days of the life of the artist, famous in all former USSR countries.

“Tamara became ill and she was hospitalized on the sixth of July. All this time she was in intensive care. To it let nobody. The funeral will likely be Monday. There are some difficulties. Help the volunteers of the Foundation “Artist” and several people shared mark M. with “StarHit”. – I am amazed individuals who say nasty things. I mean Sadalsky. He’s an asshole”.

During the last years of his life Tamara Miansarova was bedridden. The fact that three years ago, she suffered in her own apartment. The injury occurred in a freak accident – the actress is wearing a skirt and fell. In the hospital she was diagnosed with a hip fracture. Several operations were required a considerable sum of money, which proved to be unaffordable for retirees. Charitable Foundation “Artist” was paying a sitter for an elderly woman.

Stanislav Sadalsky has told about the family drama Tamara Miansarova

Муж Тамары Миансаровой: «Садальский – подонок»

The singer of the hit “Black cat” has two children and three grandchildren, but they were in no hurry to help families. Daughter Kate was in the partial care of their parents after the accident. Because of the injury to the woman hard work. Son Miansarovoj for a long time did not communicate with mother. Tamara Miansarova, sang the hit “Black cat”: poverty, illness and betrayal of the son

“Andrew chewing on some old grudge, he told mark Mikhailovich. – It so happened that she performed throughout the country, the son was raised by his grandmother – he went to her apartment. Tamara G. bought the boy everything you need. While the money earned by the mother was needed, and then all. All his life he lied to her. Even before perestroika he wanted to secure daughter Katya dowry to buy her co-op for the money raised from the sale of villas. Then Andrew said, “Mom, what are you going to strangers to sell, let me buy it.” She rewrote the cottage at Andrew, I saw no money, no home.”