Nyusha secretly married

Нюша тайно вышла замуж Artist happy wedding. Nyusha tied life with Igor Sivov. For men this was the second marriage, and the singer made her first trip down the aisle. The celebrity was kept secret details of the upcoming celebration.

About the affair of the singer Nyusha became known in the beginning of this year. The chosen girl – the adviser of the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov. Despite the fact that fans wanted to know about the approaching celebration, the artist tried to talk less about personal things. She will not disclose the secret, when it will go down the aisle with her lover.

Today in mass media there was information that the 26-year-old Nyusha signed 36-year-old Igor Sivov in one of registry offices Kazan.

Interestingly, today, July 13, the artist is scheduled to speak at the opening of the international song contest “Slavic Bazaar”, which is traditionally held in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. Yesterday she was at pre-party events. It is possible that the actress has tied the knot today, and in between the tours and performances.

Despite the fact that the artist tries not to advertise personal life, she admitted, what kind of dress dreams go down the aisle. She participated in one of the shows of wedding dresses Vera Wang, so do not rule out the possibility that will choose one of the creations of this designer.

“Like a lush, but at the same time flattering, with lace, be sure the veil” – confessed artist.

Nyusha repeatedly said that I finally met someone with whom she can associate her life. But for men this was the second marriage. Have Sivova already have experience of family life, and he has two children. The singer also dreams of the heirs and hopes that he will become a good father for their future kids.

The actress did not hide that the meeting with Igor influenced her work. She recorded the song “loving You”, which could Express the whole range of emotions that she feels towards her chosen one.

“The void is the only mystery left to man. Only a sincere love in our hearts can fill. This is a symbolic story in which two people are committed to each other” – just as Jane described the song dedicated to your loved one.

As reports the edition Life, while details of the secret wedding is unknown.