Супруга Свами Даши развивает его бизнес One of the most mysterious parties of the “Battle of the psychics almost never talks about his family. It is known that he has three children and his wife Irina Nogina, which helps him to manage the meditation centre. “StarHit” found out interesting details about the life’s companion mystic.

      Супруга Свами Даши развивает его бизнес

      In the seventeenth season of “the Battle of psychics” with the first series of the universal attention of viewers attracted mystic Swami Dashi. This is the real name of the hero of the show, so he started calling after a trip to India, where he lived for about 20 years, having knowledge of Eastern practices. Swami is a title which is often used in Hinduism, the word means a person exempt from the feelings.

      What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      It became known that participant of “Battle of psychics” is married to 36-year-old Irina Noynoy, who works as a trainer for stretching and Pilates Studio in Saint-Petersburg. To do it these napravlennyi fitness many want, because she is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, champion of Moscow and Russia among students in sports aerobics.

      “Studying at the time in different directions such as: “Healing impulse” Goltis, breathing exercises Strelnikova, callanetics, izoton, bodyflex, occisis, – testing them myself, I have been successfully using these techniques partially or completely to individual work with people and build the most optimal course of lessons and try to teach their students the exercises which they will be able to effectively and safely perform independently. My experience in two sports as an athlete of high class, as a coach, the higher pedagogical education in conjunction with a three-month internship and subsequent career in the best club of Moscow, a permanent independent practice and studying actual movements in the direction of a healthy lifestyle is the key to your successful training” – Irina advertises itself on one of the sites dedicated to finding professionals.

      Супруга Свами Даши развивает его бизнес

      In addition, Irina helps in the development of the meditation center, Swami Dashi, and is also in charge of the official group of the spouse in social networks. According to the psychic, meditation, help people to better know themselves, to find harmony and even cure a number of diseases. Nogina also practices Indian philosophy, adhering to the perspective that yoga can improve health and cure disease. Swami and Irina three children, the youngest six years old. They all adhere to a proper diet and exercise regularly.

      Супруга Свами Даши развивает его бизнес

      By the way, during one of the broadcasts of battle of the psychics” Dasha also mentioned that he has a son who is 32 years old. It turned out that the eldest heir to a mystic Roman Smirnov is a well-known athlete, who was part of the Olympic team of Russia in 2008. At the moment the runner is married to Ekaterina Smirnova, who is also professionally engaged in sports.