Лиза Пескова борется с хроническим заболеванием 18-year-old daughter of Dmitry Peskov with childhood suffering from back pain. The heiress of the press Secretary of the President is strengthened in sports to overcome the discomfort. In addition, it monitors weight, because the school was not as slender as it is now.

      18-year-old successor, Dmitry Peskov, has the toned, slim figure. However, Elizabeth is involved in sports, not in order to lose weight, like most girls. She’s training to overcome pain in the neck and spine.

      Chronic disease torments sand since childhood. At school she was exempt from physical activity, so, apparently, gained the extra weight. However, now everything has changed – figure Lisa can only envy, because the girl found a suitable activity.

      “In primary school I was exempted from physical education due to problems with the cervical vertebrae. That makes me very happy, since I don’t like team games, and I have a phobia of flip-flops and being in the head-down position, except the roller coaster which I just adore. Think about its shape was also inspired parents. First mother, when in the store I didn’t fit in size 8 jeans. Putting me in front of the mirror in the locker room, she said, “Look at you, you’re fat. Look at your belly, on the thigh!”. Then the Pope, under the influence of which I immediately got, after moving to Moscow, he constantly goes to the gym, running or eating little — it is impossible not to take an example,” – said Peskov.

      Let the sport Lisa started with Jogging. In the morning she wore sports shoes, they took the player and put forward a short distance. When it became a habit, adding a gym. However, Pilates has helped the Sand to overcome chronic pain.

      The girl admits that her options are far from model. However, the photographs in his microblog she shows delicious forms, which do not overlook even the Western media. So, this summer Peskov was vacationing in Turkey. Local Newspapers published pictures of her in the swimsuit.

      Luxury holiday Lisa Sand discusses the Turkish press

      “On a special diet is not sitting, is long gone, because I don’t want to lose weight. My goal is to maintain the shape and not be thin as a model. By nature I the form that I was completely satisfied. It is important to take their abilities and strive to improve them, rather than trying to change them or turn them into something completely different. I believe that thoughts connected with the body: it is very important to love my body and not ashamed of it, treat it gently and carefully. This applies to athletic training combining fun, usefulness and safety. In this sense, Pilates is just the perfect practice for me,” said Lisa in an interview with the magazine “Grazia”.