Spouse Ekaterina Klimova takes off her gorgeous figure

Супруг Екатерины Климовой снимает её шикарную фигуру The actress and mother of many children is in fine form and with pleasure shows it to his fans. Pictures of Catherine in a bikini her beloved husband Gela Meskhi. Recently, he and his wife celebrated his birthday.

      Супруг Екатерины Климовой снимает её шикарную фигуру

      38-year-old actress and mother of four children Yekaterina Klimova’s resting now with her husband abroad. Where is the actress with her husband is wonderful. Klimova so many tans, floats and, of course, shares photos from vacation in Instagram. As a photographer sometimes performs beloved artist — actor Gela Meskhi.

      According to fans of Catherine, she looks amazing. The woman — the owner of a slender figure, which she always managed to quickly return after a few pregnancies. In addition, as you can see, on the left thigh the actress flaunts a tattoo in the form of an abstract pattern. “You look great, Kate,” “Genius,” “Charged pictures”, “Great form”, “the Most beautiful mother”, “Beautiful, just feast for the eyes”, “Good stay”, “Maybe genetics”, “Look at you and admire,” he wrote to fans Klimova in the comments to her photos.

      Супруг Екатерины Климовой снимает её шикарную фигуру

      By the way, may 13, Gela Meskhi celebrated his birthday. He turned 30. The actor celebrated it with his beloved wife Ekaterina Klimova. On this occasion she has published in his microblog a picture together with your spouse. This was the first photo of the lovers on the page Klimova in Instagram and the first public recognition of the actress in love for its second half.

      “Happy birthday, my beloved husband. Thank you for everything, love. Be happy” — a publication made Catherine in honor of his wife.
      Супруг Екатерины Климовой снимает её шикарную фигуру

      Fans Klimova believe that she and Gela would be a good match, one of the most beautiful in the Russian film industry. Meskhi became the third husband of Catherine, have a daughter Bella, who was born in 2015. The actors met on the set of the film “the Wolf sun” in 2014 and in that moment Catherine just got a divorce with Igor Petrenko, from whom the actress has two sons — Matthew and the charming Korney.

      Later, Catherine has admitted in interviews that Gela conquered her softness and at the same time perseverance. She didn’t want to build a relationship after breaking up with Petrenko, but the approach Meskhi melted the heart of the actress. Soon they began an affair. Pair long time hid their relationship. Catherine and Gela denied to reporters that between them something is going on, and appeared together at social events. However, they were constantly seen together in public.

      To stop the rumors, Ekaterina Klimova has made an official statement media. She told him about a secret marriage with Gela few days after this event. According to the actress, the ceremony was very modest. Catherine and her boyfriend just got married in the registry office without any extra celebrations.

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