Alexander Serov told who is ready to marry

Александр Серов рассказал, на ком готов жениться The ideal of the singer – modest, meek and moderately charming woman. 62-year-old Alexander Serov not deprived of attention of fans, but his one is not found. However, the celebrity claims that his loneliness is temporary.

      Александр Серов рассказал, на ком готов жениться

      Popular singer Alexander Serov, without a doubt, one of the most beloved musicians of musicians of the country. Hard to believe, but 62-year-old singer of hits “Madonna”, “I love you to tears”, “do You love me” and the other was only married once. And after parting with his first and only wife Elena Lebedevoj after almost twenty years of marriage, Serov has not yet met the new love. Meanwhile, according to Alexander Nikolaevicha, women’s attention it is not deprived.

      “I’m a single man. Yet. At least in the aureole of attention, but a lone, – said Alexander Serov about yourself on a secular party devoted to the premiere of a clip of Katya LEL “Gamma-Beta”. – Why is she not next to me right now? This is probably a question to the Almighty. What he gave me at the time, I took it. With that, I’m proud of it, go on stage my whole life. And maybe I’m already late?”

      Recall, the news about the divorce of Alexander Serov with his wife five years ago, has shocked fans of this pair, who believed that the singer has a perfect family. Then the former spouses are very unflattering comments about each other in the press. Alexander said that Elena never loved, and lived with him for money. Elena claimed that she was tired of the singer, its requirements, Domostroi, neglect. The last years they lived as neighbors. Elena was tired and filed for divorce. The only child of the couple’s daughter, Michelle in the divorce, took the side of the father. The singer has admitted that her daughter is his main pride. The star father is very possessive about the potential to elect its charming heiress, advising her not to hurry with the choice of a life partner. How is the relationship with the mother of the heiress of the loud name, is practically unknown.

      However, it is possible that Michelle may soon to be a stepmother. After all, Alexander Serov does not deny the possibility to find the one that will meet his requirements.
      “Modest, meek, moderately cute, charming, which causes positive emotions, – has formulated the ideal type of woman Alexander Serov in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – As for models I’m not particularly pay attention, because they are in a slightly different perspective is presented. They play, they are on the podium, and we’re talking about life directions. So, as I described above, can be taken as a dogma.”

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