Spouse Alexey Ryzhov boasted chiseled figure after childbirth

Супруга Алексея Рыжова похвасталась точеной фигурой после родов Irina Ryzhova struck fans of appetizing forms. Six months ago a young woman first became a mother. To her husband she gave a charming daughter, who was named Lida.

      In early February, the lead singer of “Disco crash” Alexey Ryzhov has once again become a dad. Wife Irina gave the musician girl. The girl was called Lida.

      First days of autumn, the artist’s wife spends in Sochi. A young mother tries to enjoy warm days at the resort. Irina wears a bikini and tells others toned slender body.

      “Sunset tan – the perfect filter”, – Ryzhov has written in the microblog and published a photo which poses in a swimsuit.

      Transparent cover-up hides all the curves of the figure of the young moms. Fans did not pay attention to the beauty of a sunset – their attention was attracted by the slim figure of the wife of a musician. They couldn’t believe that only six months ago, Irina gave birth to a child. Proof of motherhood in the picture is the only stroller that holds Ryzhov. Subscribers microblog was orogeny that the woman is so quickly managed to gain a perfect body.

      “Belly like had never been. Breast-feed? Such liquid. In short, as if didn’t give birth to Ira, All lying, that after birth it is difficult to get in shape”, “hoo! What a beauty! Ira, you do is going to be a mom. Gorgeous!” – excitedly began to discuss and admire the followers of a young mother.

      Unlike many parents who seek to hide from the public the faces of his kids, Alex and Irina did not make a secret of the fact, as is their charming daughter. The happy parents loved the baby, but because every month celebrate birthday Lida – spread fruit number, indicating the number of months that she lived, and take a picture.

      The soloist “Disco crash” already has two children from a previous marriage – Tatyana and Ivan. Lida became the first common child of Alexei and Irina. Shortly before the birth of spouse Ryzhov was very nervous, and therefore asked my mom to come so she supported her in front of such an exciting event. Irina was counting on the help and support of the closest person. The young woman stated that only a parent can understand and appreciate what is now happening to her. “My mother’s support has been invaluable!” – wrote Irina. And now my mother is resting with her daughter and granddaughter in Sochi.