Что прочитал Евгений Евтушенко в доме Блока? My meeting with the most famous poet of Russia, whose lectures I love American students .For any significant event Yevtushenko responds instantly. Bring it jammed to holes “a Poet in Russia is more than a poet”, on the one hand banal and on the other such multi-talented and caring people like Yevgeny Yevtushenko, in all ages, were few, in the Renaissance they were called the titans.

      Что прочитал Евгений Евтушенко в доме Блока?

      Today, 84-year-old poet, author everyone knows “With me here, what’s going on…”, lives in the US, reads us lectures on Russian literature, resents the dismissal of our Paralympic team from the Olympics and wrote poems in defence of the widow of Bulat Okudzhava.

      “I remember, Andrew, the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Sochi. Come to me, my colleagues, professors, students, neighbors, ordinary Americans, and everyone loved. The only thing that I did not understand why the heads of state almost completely ignored this holiday of peace and sport? America and Russia – the two largest nuclear Arsenal, and for them to get in the way of differences, which, alas, all long, not just small, but criminal. And when the fight goes to the Paralympic games, just will not do. But there is another danger – to stand in the position of the offended.

      “My poem “Brotherly hydroelectric power station” was a version of the ending: “maybe because I’m Russian, but not because Russian, all platou my Kostia, my skin, my blood I believe the lies of the world will carry the earth from fear and powerlessness will save someone- after all, who suffered, all that… and he will save.”
      Что прочитал Евгений Евтушенко в доме Блока?

      Applauded incredible every time, but my dad said: “Zhenechka, and you have a special scale on which you weighed who suffered more and who less?! You should never brag about the priority of their country, especially if you love her. If the following lines were written by the American poet, I would have him kissed him and said thank you so deeply understand my country, but you as a Russian man should not push Russia to the role of a champion of suffering. Think, for example, African countries. Lived wonderful people who climbed the banana trees, but there were some strangers who taught them to drink fire-water, then the glass began to exchange for diamonds. Further – more, put the natives in irons, took them like cattle for sale. Such unimaginable suffering it is possible to calculate?! There are no scales, all suffer”.

      – I can’t imagine what you felt after amputation of his leg, the one time did not attend the celebration of his birthday, usually passing in a crowded hall of the Palace of culture ZIL?

      – If you aren’t married, I would have never got up, was terrible pain. And Mary all in the hospital admired, because in America it is not accepted to stay in the house of relatives, but she did not leave me. And Maria is still a doctor by his first profession and just pulled me out.

      In the situation after the dismissal of the widow of Bulat Okudzhava Olga Artsimovich as Director of house-Museum in Peredelkino, you first come to her defense. Not afraid that we’ll fly to America to teach and with your gallery in the same suburban village writers something like this happens?

      − I’m the only person in the Russian land, who gave a collection of personal paintings from Russia (and there is Max Ernst, and Fernand Leger, and Picasso and Pirosmani) because she raised me. Our country has always taught me generosity towards her.

      Что прочитал Евгений Евтушенко в доме Блока?

      The first poem, composed by Yevtushenko in four years:

      “Why so cold?

      Why I can barely breathe?

      Because aunt is a puddle

      became a fat uncle-ice.”

      Что прочитал Евгений Евтушенко в доме Блока?

      And on August 6 the house of Alexander Blok shakhmatovo in Eugene A. read for poetry lovers that you just created:

      “Okudzhava Olga, so many people so many died, but not how old you are, with a proud article of the soldier’s widow? Who is this you, Olenka, forged, as a friend of the great poet as the Keeper and himself, and then the Museum? This is how and who is permitted, that the Okudzhava’s widow dismissed, the one that made this Museum for its millions of friends. Touch accidentally over tips, there is lonesome for her bells. After all, she was here the hostess was. As we nachalniku display callousness? It is time for us to honor justice to beat Russian bells? And we can’t leave humiliated in the vast Russian land nor a widow (someone hurt), those who have our homeland saved.