Пикантный снимок Ольги Куриленко вызвал восхищение фанатов The actress demonstrated the dignity of the figure. Olga Kurylenko is resting in a heavenly place, the Saint-Tropez, where he allowed himself to relax and be yourself. American movie star published a photo in a swimsuit, showing a seductive curves of your body.

      Пикантный снимок Ольги Куриленко вызвал восхищение фанатов

      Fans of Olga Kurylenko not used to see their social networks regular publication with its pages. The fact that the details of private life in Russian actress of Ukrainian origin prefer not to share, leaving all private just for the family. Mainly publications in the microblog star of American cinema devoted to work weekdays and everything can happen exclusively on the set. However, this time, taking a vacation, Olga decided to make an exception.

      Unprecedented enthusiasm was triggered by the latest publication of the artist in Instagram. They Olga appears in a bikini, showing seductive curves of your body. The actress, who first became a mother in September last year, boasts a perfect body. Seeing Kurylenko in a swimsuit for the first time in a long time, followers of her microblog instantly brightened up and began to put rave reviews. It is noteworthy that the impressions decided to share the people of owls of the world – in the comments to the photo of a star can be detected as a compliment in English and in Russian, Spanish, Italian. Needless to say, most of it was devoted to the discussion of the body Hollywood actress.

      Пикантный снимок Ольги Куриленко вызвал восхищение фанатов“The Amazing Olga! I hope soon you will write to us video”, “Hot photo”, “Oh my God! Amazing!”, “The goddess,” Olga, I love you. Marry me,” excitedly wrote fans of Kurylenko.

      Currently, the star is spending time in the company of friends on one of the most prestigious resorts in the world in Saint-Tropez. Judging by the pictures, which puts Olga, they are really fun. The actress and her family swim in the pool, sunbathing, walking on the local surroundings, and generally enjoy staying at a luxury resort.

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