Анна Плетнева пожаловалась на работу в группе «Винтаж» In his birthday the soloist of group “Vintage” has decided to make a statement. Now Anna will be performing solo. This is due to the fact that Pletnev want to do not only dance hits, but also more personal, lyrical songs. The actress also shared the first video for the song “Strong girl”.

      August 21, the singer Anna Pletneva turned 39 years old. On this festive day, the artist decided to make a statement. From this day Pletnev will perform under his own name. And the media also appeared information that “Vintage” began to search for a new soloist.

      One of the most sexy women Russian pop has already released a video for a solo song called “Strong girl”. The author of music and words of songs Pletnev was Alexei Romanov — the founder of the group “Vintage”. “Strong girl” Novels came up exactly a year ago — on the last day of the birth of Anna. Alex gave Anna a track at its 38 th anniversary. Gift Romanova liked Pletnev.

      “This song shocked me, got into my every cell, a part of me. The whole year I lived with this song in and today I let her go. Give it to you all. She cheated on me. With her I felt different, new. New Anna Pletneva. Hope you will understand me…,” Anna shared in his Instagram.

      On the official website of the company that is producing a group of “Vintage”, also released a statement about Anna’s early solo career. According to the singer, she doesn’t want to limit yourself to a dance format, which adheres to the popular band. Pletnev would like to write more personal, lyrical songs, which are unlikely to blow up dancefloors, but will appeal to her fans.

      “I’m not going to do loud statements about the beginning of his solo career. Not at all. The cause of the other. For 10 years Vintage has remained the most popular youth group, performing popular dance music. The format of club gigs requires a repertoire consisting of only number one hits. I don’t want to limit yourself to these limits. Our records have always been many great lyrical songs that remained outside of radio. We came to the point where we don’t need extra tinsel and paraphernalia… I want to do the songs tell more about me than all the famous super-hits,” — said Pletnev.

      Anna also told that many fans of the band “Vintage” does not visit various trendy places, where her performances. Pletnev would like to meet with them in another country — in concert halls, according to VelvetMusic.ru.

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