Особенная дочь Ольги Ушаковой мечтает стать переводчиком Leading told about the unique abilities of the successor. Olga Ushakova was proud of his daughters, the eldest of whom is increasing with development.

      Особенная дочь Ольги Ушаковой мечтает стать переводчиком

      In the morning Olga Ushakova with consistently great mood greets viewers in the First channel. Few people know, but for a radiant smile the stars are faced with a difficult fate. Leading has two daughters-pogodok. Dasha grows older with special needs.

      After a year the girl was diagnosed with autism. When this happened, Olga did not give up. She began to drive her daughter to the doctors, learn about special methods of education. As a result she went to the first class along with other peers. Besides, she has other interests besides studying.

      “We house a lot of dictionaries, and depending on the mood she takes one of them, leafing through and with a good, almost photographic, memory remembers the words and expressions. She wants to become a translator, and it is likely that she will succeed. That is, one God takes, the other gives. Thanks to its strengths, many humanitarian items on her cheers. In some areas that were interesting from an early age, her knowledge encyclopedic. It and stars, and rocks, and dinosaurs. Interests change, but the information remains. From the Jurassic period to the present day – all in her memory, as if laid out on shelves. Such a little scientist,” says TV presenter.

      It is noteworthy that the daughter Ushakova attending the same class. When older it is time to go to school, the younger She didn’t want to sit at home, and at the age of just over six years joined sister. By the way, she already manifested a creative nature. According to the star mother, the soul of the girl is to draw.

      “For the pencil it came from in two years, and she was great to work. At about this same time she started to do decorations myself, and, admittedly, tasteful. First it was baby vans, which it combined, and wore on his head, and feet. Then the course went to my mother’s shawls and all that under hands came across. She is all draped, combined, created entire images. And I, sister and nanny were her models. A little later, the love for drawing and fashion combined, the daughter draws the clothes, accessories and wants to become a designer” – says Olga.

      Full interview with Olga Ushakova read in the new issue of the magazine “Happy parents”.

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