Джонни Депп назвал Дональда Трампа «паршивцем»

Hollywood actor johnny Depp – straight guy, who do not hesitate, cuts the truth-womb. This time, it frankly annoyed the presidential candidate of the Republican party of multibillionaire Donald trump< /strong>.

Джонни Депп назвал Дональда Трампа «паршивцем»

Johnny Depp in the image of Donald trump

The closer to the presidential elections, the more actively the residents of the United States are divided into fans of the Republican and democratic parties. The odious Donald trump has earned himself the reputation of a brawler, but, nevertheless, his rating gradually increased, and some stars of show business, openly supporting him. But not johnny Depp.

This weekend the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” visited the University of Arizona, where he met with students. During the conversation with the younger generation, young people and the celebrity discussed the upcoming political changes, in particular, discussed the figure of a possible candidate for the head of state.
“I saw the true Donald trump, watched him. This is the deceiver, the pretender and badass. A real bastard! All his words are absurd and aims at the scandal. Reagan once said to Gorbachev: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down!”, and trump is going to cock the wall between America and Mexico. Moreover, he does not want to spend on this a dime of their billions, and force Mexico to pay for it” — said Depp.
And last week American stand-up comedian Louis C. K. called Donald “Hitler”, “a crazy fanatic” and urged Americans to change their mind.
“Please stop to call for trump. It was funny at first, but that guy is a real Hitler. As if we were in Germany in the 30s. Do you think that the Germans suspected that would happen to them shit? Hitler also was first a cheerful man with a strange crest. Nobody knew how it will end.
We should not vote for someone just because he is funny billionaire. We have to choose the direction of their country. Do not vote for trump, he is not one of us, he is for himself. All what he says, all the words that you both like, he will forget immediately. Trump is just playing with you, but it’s a symptom of the problem, which is real. Don’t vote for the cancer society, you’re better, “he said.

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