The mother of singer Danko met his two year old daughter

Мать певца Данко познакомилась с его двухлетней дочерью The grandmother refused to take her granddaughter with cerebral palsy. Little daughter Danko in the Studio of the program “live” for the first time met with family man, who didn’t even want to know about it.

      Мать певца Данко познакомилась с его двухлетней дочерью

      The birth of a daughter with severe brain injury and cerebral palsy turned the life of the family of the popular singer Danko. After the doctors gave the girl a disappointing diagnosis, the mother of the artist Elena Elias refused to meet with her granddaughter and any way to help her parents. Danko and his wife Natalia didn’t give up, they for the second year fighting for the lives of Agatha. However, the contractor’s incredibly painful to hear the brutal reasoning of its own mother.

      Mother Danko refuses to communicate with a special granddaughter

      In the “live” Elena Leonidovna expressed their position, do not hesitate in expressions. “When kittens are born, they are not wanted, they should drown. When someone does this, I do not blame them, I think they’re right. Better than they as soon as were born blind, drown, once they are not wanted, ‘ said Elias. – When you see a healthy baby, that’s one attitude, and when it’s just a living being contactless, how to tie it? I wish they got rid of this burden. Yes. It would be very nice if they came to this decision is to determine the child’s to was good care, constant medical surveillance. A sick child and the disease takes on those who are with him.”

      Danko does not consider the idea of putting a two-year baby to the hospice because he believes that such children do not live in such establishments for more than two years. “There they lie abandoned and needed by nobody. It is generally excluded, – says the singer. We have taught her have. The doctors said that she would always be there through the probe, and we teach her”.

      Мать певца Данко познакомилась с его двухлетней дочерью

      Intra-family conflict is aggravated by the fact that the mother of Danko thinks both babies Natasha is not his blood children. In order to ensure that the Executive even dared to test DNA.

      Come to the Studio the singer’s wife claims that she tried to establish a relationship with the mother-in-law, but it was to no avail. In addition, she shared the story of how the accident happened with my younger daughter Agatha.

      “As it turned out the doctors, I have a particular blood, which occurs only in pregnant. This is due to the blood clots, and when a body starts placenta, high risk of detachment. I was with Sonia detachment, I lost a lot of blood, almost died together with the child, and the second time the same thing. Sonia was able to save, because we were very close to the hospital. This happened in Alex’s apartment. And this time it so happened that we drove for a very long time, we stood in traffic jams, and the child simply choked, stopped breathing… Swelling of the brain. In General, this is a consequence of severe injuries”, – says Natalya.

      Unexpectedly for the Studio guests to program participants left the family assistant, physiotherapist Natalia with a little Agatha in her arms. She proceeded to Elena Leonidovna, which broke into a smile, the first time he saw his special granddaughter. Soon the grandmother picked up the little girl and told her a few kind words.

      “Multicasts brain. Practically living there a few left. But we do have about a year and a half. And get the result, the only magic at work is. And this is done day in and day out,” he shared the results of work with Agatha physiotherapist.

      At the sight of his own mother, holding the baby, Danko became very emotional. “I had no idea to be honest. I thought this will never happen”, – he admitted. Elena Leonidovna, in turn, shared their feelings. Elias said that she was mentally tough.

      Мать певца Данко познакомилась с его двухлетней дочерью

      Meanwhile, the Studio brought the envelope with the DNA results. It turns out that thanks to a mother who gave Danko a thought, the singer for twelve years doubted that the eldest daughter Sonya is his blood child. Examination confirmed the paternity of the contractor, and the happiness began to kiss and hug the audience in the Studio.

      “At first it was incredible, then humiliating, then I was fed up with it, – commented the news of the spouse Natalia Danko. – Just Sasha it has become sometimes for the truth to be perceived, i.e. it was so processed that was always looking for some kind of genetic examination. He was like a zombie, horrible…” fortunately, in the Studio of the program “live” his family was able to dispel all doubts and to settle a longstanding conflict.

      For treatment of small Agatha needs a lot of money. The girl multicostata total transformation of both hemispheres of the brain and cerebral palsy. Anyone can help.


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