Воробьев попал в список самых перспективных холостяков

Along with the singer in the ranking was the heir of Crocus Group Emin and billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

Actor, singer and just beautiful sparrows does not get tired to please the admirers of their creativity. It is no wonder that the popular Russian and foreign publications are regularly awarded him a new title.

Here and recently learned about another prestigious title, which was named Vorobyov. Alex now not just a thief of women’s hearts, but also the main bachelor among all the most promising singles, our wide and vast.

Another popular title was awarded to a Russian artist in a series of annual ratings of the most noticeable and significant facts and events in the life of Russian and foreign stars Woman.ru.

By the way, along with Alexey Vorobyov in the list of the most-were also the heir to a multibillion-dollar Empire Crocus Group Emin, actor Nikita Efremov, the son of the former head of NTV Alexey Kiselev and billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

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