Николая Фоменко обязали выплатить многомиллионный долг The court ordered the showman to return the money to the Bank. Nikolay Fomenko took a loan of about 65 million rubles. Together with his business partner Anton Kolesnikov, he would have to pay for a failed business.

      Николая Фоменко обязали выплатить многомиллионный долг

      In 2007, a famous actor, musician and showman Nikolay Fomenko opened his own company to produce cars under the name of Marrusia Motors. Firm engaged in production of sports cars. As you know, Nicholas is famous for a big fan of auto racing, so he decided to develop this direction – manufacture of sports cars of domestic production. In order to support and bring the business to a higher level, was to take out a loan in the amount of 60 million rubles. Recall that for seven years the automotive company Marrusia Motors were produced four brands of cars. But the company didn’t last, and in 2014 Nikolay Fomenko and his partner Anton Kolesnikov declared bankruptcy of the firm.

      Despite the dissolution, the debt was not repaid, so the Bank had every reason to make the former co-founders to justice. It is noteworthy that the court hearing started since last year. But after much debate it was decided in the case only today. Former co-owner of the company was ordered to pay almost 65 million rubles debt.

      I must say that naprotyazhenii long time between the Bank representatives and Fomenko with Kolesnikov could not subside disputes about credit. As stated by representatives of the famous showman, a contract for the receipt of money was contracted. But it is interesting that, according to their version, the amounts promised Fomenko has not received and, accordingly, the duty of quenching is not required.

      Moreover, representatives of the broadcaster refuted the information that the documents signed by Nikolay. The thing is, those dates which are specified in the papers, is incorrect. In those numbers, what is written in the contract, Fomenko was abroad. As irrefutable evidence of the defendants showed the stamps in the passport of the artist. Apparently, this was not enough to fully justify Nicholas and his companion Anton. Now the former co-owners of automotive companies together will have to pay the Bank a specified amount. However, Fomenko and Kolesnikov have another chance to prove myself. According to Lenta.ru Nicholas and Anton can appeal the decision within one month.


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