Шок! Мадонна раздела 17-летнюю фанатку на сцене

Woman-scandal never ceases to amaze. But this time she faces a lawsuit.

It seems that with every year grows not only army fans but also her desire to shock. Current world tour, Madonna beats all records in scandals.

More recently, the star appeared on stage drunk and started to cry. And now – in the literal sense of the word section a fan on stage…

During a concert in Brisbane, Australia star pulled up on stage the woman who sang her loudest… And began to shower the girl with compliments.

“You’re the type of girl you really want to slap on the ass,” said Madonna fan. And then, to everyone’s amazement, pulled off the girls top, exposing her Breasts in front of thousand audience.

“Oh, sorry, sexual harassment,” said the singer and immediately hugged the fan, implying that it was a joke. Like, if you want, you can do the same to me. The girl refrained, limiting grimaces and smiles.

And all would be well if the concert took place, say, in California. But here in Australia such contact are considered a violation of the law. To touch someone without permission can not in any case… in short, nobody will be surprised if very soon, Madonna will receive a subpoena…

We will remind, during her tour Madonna regularly falls into a scandalous chronicle column. She is criticized for the horrible tardiness, excessive vulgarity and laugh at its falls, which have become the hallmark of the stars. But tickets to each concert are sold only better. It is no wonder that the star has no intention to stop.

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