Мэттью Перри уже не тот: последние фото актера

In the network appeared pictures of 46-year-old Matthew, in which he looks very emaciated and aged…

Insiders report that its appearance was affected by your busy schedule…

Мэттью Перри уже не тот: последние фото актера


Last month, the star of TV series “Friends” was presented to the audience the play is The End of Longing, which made not only the author of the script, but the main character. All anything, but the theatrical debut of Perry not like the critics.

“This work feels like a waste of time and money. I am sure that this project goes to the bottom. The play is not holistic,” he spoke then about the play Matthew The Telegraph journalist Dominic Cavendish. With it was solidary and editors of other publications.

Meanwhile, Perry is forced to continue to work in the theatre and to give an interview to the TV show. And now clear exactly what it is given to him with great difficulty. How else can one explain his exhausted face?

It is hoped that in the near future, the actor will get myself in hand again and begin to follow him. After all, we still remember him as charismatic funny man Chandler Bing in “Friends”.

Speaking of “Friends”. In America plan to create a parody musical based on the series. The premiere will take place in July.

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