Софи Тернер рассказала о последнем сезоне «Игры Престолов»

Fans are looking forward to the 8th final season of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. New episodes will appear only next year, and the actors have already begun to open the curtain of the plot. Sophie Turner, who played in the TV series Sansa stark, told what to expect from the new season of the series.

Looks like the heroes still rally in front of imminent danger and act together in the struggle. “We come together to fight impending danger. Between us will be a lot of stress, we will fight for what we think is right. This season will be more bloody and deadly and even more emotional than all the previous ones,” admitted the actress to the portal Gold Derby.

Recall that the actress is engaged to 28-year-old lead singer of all dnce Joe Jonas from October of last year. The singer proposed to the actress after a year of relationship. The incident made a star much happier, however, career is still Sophie in the first place.

“A strange misconception that marriage is the best thing that can happen to you. I always believed that career and what I can achieve through my work, is the best thing I’ve done in my life. To be engaged — it’s nice. I have the feeling that you have found a house that I want to stay forever. When you find your person, you gain a sense of peace. But only because of a career you can feel the drive”, she said.

In conversation with the journalist was referred to two popular movements against sexual violence in Hollywood #MeToo and Time’s Up, which Sophie found support. “I’m more comfortable to go to work with the understanding that there are people who trust me, if something happens,” she concluded.

Perhaps career and kept Sophie from first marriage. However, her colleague and best friend, 20-year-old British actress Maisie Williams, casually said in an interview with Radio Times, where she answered questions about the new film “Wild ancestors,” which will be a bridesmaid.

Turner and her fiance Joe Jonas wait for the end of filming the last season of “Game of thrones”, in which the actress spends a lot of time and effort to start planning the wedding. As admitted Macy, Turner “had forced her tiny heart to look forward and to imagine.”