Селена Гомес о материнстве

With your own mother like Selena Gomez’s relationship is not the best, so with the children of the relationship, according to Gomez, it will either be perfect, or the worst. 25-year-old star in the framework of the promotional campaign of the movie “Monsters on vacation 3: the Sea is calling”, where he voiced one of the characters spoke about the future of motherhood.

Селена Гомес о материнстве

In the cartoon the singer announced Mavis — the daughter of count Dracula. She has the plot already has a young son. Along with her interview was her colleague, actor Andy Samberg. He voiced johnny on-screen wife actress. This film is about family values, so the interviewer could not ask about the relation of the singer to the family. The journalist said that the actress “a very responsible approach to issues that affect the people close to you”. Gomez replied, “Yes! I think I’d be either the best or the worst mother in the world. Just because I will defend their children to the last.”

Selena rarely tells the public about his personal life, so about the scandal Stefano Gabbana are not told. Therefore, the stylists have decided to defend the singer, and refused to work with the famous fashion house Dolce &Gabbana.

Recall, stylist Karla Welch, wearing Pink, Justin Bieber, Lorde and other stars of the scene reported that the last time I decided to abandon the outfits of the fashion house. “I had a few things Dolce & Gabbana at hand, and I decided that we should not take them,” said Carl.

Actress Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union is now also do not wear outfits Dolce & Gabbana, because their stylist Jason Bolden failed to respond to the statement of the designer. Stars with whom he works, refuse to use the official outputs the images of the fashion house. “I did not choose clothes from Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, created by design Duo, the silhouettes are amazing, but my girls are against it,” said the stylist.

The scandal Stefano Gabbana mother of Selene decided to give the Council his daughter, which she followed. Under the photo of the singer Stefano wrote a flattering review: “What is she ugly!” First in defense of the singer went to her friend Miley Cyrus by leaving a comment under the photo collage with Selena on her fan page: “Well, what is said this m*duck (if true) is complete garbage. It is very good”

The second went to the protection of the mother of Selene, who was advised to remain silent. “When someone speaks about another person, using words with such hatred, we have decided not to pay attention to it. You need to be above this!” said Mandy edition People.