Кукольная внешность сына Меган Фокс поразила поклонников
The youngest heir of the actress became a star on the Network.

The youngest son of Megan Fox

Photo: Instagram.com

Megan Fox shared a rare photo of grown-up younger son. Portraits
Journey little river rarely appear in the public domain, but each of
them becomes a hit on the Network. The thing the puppet the appearance of the boy. Fans called
son Megan “doll” and every time I admire how charming
the baby grows up in the family of the actress.

New blog post Fox appeared and suddenly
blew up the Network. “God, Megan produced the most beautiful children, Amazing
beautiful boy”, “Like from another planet! He’s amazing”, “You have to have another
one angel!”, “It’s time to go girl! She will become the Queen of beauty” – not hide delight fans of the actress.

In addition to Journey, in the family, Megan and her husband Brian Austin green
older five year old Noah and four-year Bodhi.

Meanwhile, a couple of years ago (shortly before the birth Journey) Fox with her husband experienced a severe
a family crisis. The pair managed to save the marriage, which was close to collapse. More
also, Megan had to apply for a divorce, but divorce was not
completed. The actress was able to make peace with the beloved before their family life
was forgotten for a while.