Софи Тейлор рассказала о курортном романе с принцем Уильямом

The heir to the British throne, Prince William has recently allowed himself to relax. The future ruler of the UK went to the mountains with friends had enough skiing, distracted from work and family. But while William enjoyed the stay, the paparazzi followed his every move and recorded all on camera, including the fellowship of the throne model-Sophie Taylor.

Informants said that William was interested in the girl and tried to attract her attention. At the same time Sophie did not wanted to communicate with the British Prince. Behavior William for many was a big surprise. Including his wife Kate Middleton, who was furious after learning about what is happening in the mountains. Despite the scandalous situation, still nobody commented. The silence was broken by the main character of the header – Sophie. In conversation with journalists of the newspaper The Daily Telegraph Taylor admitted that the hype on her hand and that is exactly what she wanted: “If this is going to work, it will be exactly what I wanted and hoped for”.

Insiders say that Sophie was just using the situation to speak about it, and consequently fell down new job offers. Recall that Taylor previously starred in commercials for pre-emptive underwear.