The ratings of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” fell to a record low

Рейтинги реалити-шоу «Жизнь с Кардашьян» упали до рекордного минимума

The beginning of the end? Rankings of popular American reality show “living with the Kardashian” dropped to a record historic low. Does this mean that the audience is already sick of the Kardashian-Jenner?

This week hundreds of thousands of Americans did not watch a once very popular show, in which Kim Kardashian had to talk about the Paris robbery. Despite the enormous cost of advertising the new episodes, people do not want once again to watch as the TV star bursts into tears and tells a story that is already interesting to nobody.
“It’s bad for the show. Expectation ratings were not justified. It was a lot of episodes, and we waited for more views, much more. This is a very, very bad,” said an insider from the production company working on reality TV.
Scared of low ratings and the family. A source close to Kardashian, reported that they are in a state of great anxiety for their future.
“The whole family is very scared. They don’t know what they would do if the show closes,” said the insider.
But in the meantime, sensing that it won’t always be right, many members of the family have a “plan B”. Kendall, for example, has a well-known fashion model, Kylie is developing its own cosmetic business-Chloe – own reality show, Courtney’s head disappeared in the children, her work, and Rob.. Rob sells socks and thinking about their own show. The most frightening, but rather expected it seems the end of the show for Kim Kardashian. She had been considering leaving the show and now she’s going to have this forced opportunity, which her husband, rapper and businessman very happy.