The Network got intimate pictures of Ivanka trump

В Сеть попали интимные снимки Иванки Трамп

After the inauguration of Donald trump, he and his family moved into the White house. Under the family means he, Donald, his daughter Ivanka, her husband and children. Wife of trump, i.e. first lady “of the United States” chose to remain in new York along with his son Baron that the boy was able to finish the school year in familiar surroundings.

Ivanka trump is almost completely managed to replace the stepmother in the performance of its duties, which only added to her popularity.

В Сеть попали интимные снимки Иванки Трамп

Many sympathetic with the President’s daughter, but still there are those who want to spoil the reputation of the businesswoman. Recently in the network leaked photos, compromising Ivanka.

Appeared in the us media photos the daughter of Donald trump depicted Topless. Breasts girls clearly visible even though she tried to cover her with a towel.

Of course, to endure such provocations addressed to his daughter, Donald does not intend to, because he already gave the order to punish all those associated with the spread of photos.