Sophie of Kalcheva fell from two meters during a concert

Софи Кальчева упала с двухметровой высоты во время концерта Nikolay Baskov was desperately worried about his girlfriend. Sophie of Kalcheva stumbled on 12-inch heels and singing a duet with the groom. After the fall, the singer was forced to stop a show in order to understand whether his love.

Singer Nikolai Baskov these days touring the country with his new Grand show “the Game”. Together with her lover on the scene the bride-to-be singer Sophie of Kalcheva. The pair is singing a few songs.

On the eve of the spectacular sight was seen by the inhabitants of Voronezh. However, the concert was not without incident. In front of thousands of fans accidentally stumbled and fell from the height of the bride of Nikolai Baskov Sophie of Kalcheva. As it turned out, fragile, slender Sophie stumbled on dvenadtsatitsilindrovy stilettos and couldn’t resist on a high podium.

Witnesses said that the audience decided that the fall Sophie is the Director’s discovery, because the girl fell very gracefully, suddenly uhnov down as having gone underground.

However, reactions of Nikolai Baskov, it was clear that this is not a planned trick with the aim to surprise the audience. The singer immediately asked to stop the music. He excitedly ran up the podium and began to call Sophie. The partner of the singer after some time appeared on the scene, saying that nothing happened, because she, fortunately, landed safely. And from the injuries she only has a small scratch on his leg. The show was continued, and the pair pleased the audience with their striking compositions.

Fans of Nikolai Baskov and Sophie worried for the girl, and continue to discuss the incident with its fall in the microblog singer. “How is Sophie after fall from stage” a”, “Nicholas, as Sophie, as she once fell?”, “Sonia came out on stage! All right!”, “Sofia – all the best! Hope all is well!”, “Thank God, nothing happened. God bless Sonia!” – comments left by subscribers.

Sophie of Kalcheva hastened to reassure fans by posting a post in a microblog.

“All, all is well! I’m fine! Thank you for being with me. Don’t worry! Thank God, everything worked out, alive and well, thank you,” wrote the bride of Nikolai Baskov.

It should be noted that such trouble during the performances, unfortunately, are not uncommon.

Not so long ago startled his fans with the famous singer Sofia Rotaru. During the concert, the artist approached the musician who accompanied her on the piano, and fell. It’s possible that Sofia Mikhailovna stepped on the hem of a long skirt, which she performed on stage. It is also possible that Rotaru for something caught, approaching the musician. Sofia Rotaru fell right on the stage

In October last year, broke his leg during his show the illusionist Ilya Safronov. Directly from the concert hall to the ambulance Ilya was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky, where he spent several weeks.