Lolita is not allowed to sick daughter

Лолиту не пускают к заболевшей дочери The singer denied entry to Ukraine. Lolita planned to visit the heiress that lives with her mother in Kiev. Early in the morning the actress was taken off the train Konotop. Singer in shock and doesn’t know what to take to a family reunion.

Singer Lolita Milyavskaya told about the terrible and unpleasant stories that happened with her before. The artist went to Kiev to visit a sick daughter, eve, who, as you know, lives with his mother Lolita in the capital of Ukraine. However, the trip was suddenly interrupted. Early in the morning lo was detrained in the city of Konotop. When and how she can now see native people, the singer does not know. The incident hits, the singer said in microblogging, recording a video message.

“Where do you think I am? I’m in Konotop. Me at four in the morning to get off the train, and I can’t visit his child who was sick, because I denied entry to Ukraine. Here are transplanted once to another train. For visiting Kerch in 2015,” says Lolita in the frame.

Video the singer recorded directly on the platform. It is noticeable that she is incredibly upset by this turn of events and yet does not understand how to do it and what to do in order to reunite with their loved ones, for which Lolita is very worried.

A little later, the singer posted a video made in the train Odessa-Moscow. Lolita announced that he was returning home and thanked all who had supported it. Fans of the actress suggest her to transport mom and daughter to Moscow, as she had once wanted to do. Moreover, 18-year-old eve soon graduated from high school.

In his interview with the Lolita has repeatedly said that very grateful to my mom because she helps her to take care of eve. According to star, she has no sense of guilt in front of the heiress.

“I got rid of this complex, read clever books, listened to smart people. She respects me, because I was watching behind the scenes of concerts, seen how I work,” said IBA about her daughter.

According to Lolita, she always calls up daughter. The artist also regularly seen with the heiress when she’s on a break. Eva, the singer, is well aware that her mother earns money, so can not hold her all the time. Lolita about her daughter: “No she has autism, is a consequence of prematurity”

The singer claims that the girl knows her mother loves. However, celebrity is trying to bring up eve in severity. They have established a trusting relationship. However, the star is not how she is going to live with the heiress in Moscow. “I became estranged from the child. Since two years she is my mother. I was always a “daddy,” admitted Lo.