Софи Лорен исполнилось 85 лет – секреты ее красоты

Today, 20 September, Sophia Loren turned 85. The woman was born in Italy, in a small fishing town near Naples.

Софи Лорен исполнилось 85 лет – секреты ее красоты

Sophie’s career begins in a modeling Agency, at the age of 14, she won first place in the local beauty contest. Popularity came to the model after she played a major role in the film “Gold of Naples”.

Sophia Loren made history by the fact that she was the first woman in the world, which received the award “Oscar”, until 1962, the female role was never even in the category.

The most popular paintings with her participation are: “Chacara”, “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”, “Marriage in Italian”, “Sunflowers”.

In his birthday, the actress shares her beauty secrets that help her every day look spectacular.

The main secret, according to Sophie, is positive thinking. “Very rarely I can see a sad or melancholic mood. You should enjoy life, every moment. It is very important to make a good impression.” Also, the actress recommends less to worry about little things and try to avoid stressful situations.

The second Council of the birthday girl is: any woman, even with the usual appearance, will be the years to look more attractive if she knows how to take care of myself. The actress is not keen on expensive cosmetics and prefers natural olive oil. She adds it in food, but also inflicts on the body.

Sophie moves a lot in his spare time he likes active rest in the nature with my family. “I always Wake up early and jump out of bed, even if you don’t want to do. No need to find excuses not to train” — insists the former model.

And the last tip from the stars: always love and accept yourself the way you were born. She believes that it is possible to make thousands of operations at rejuvenation, but in a sense they can not see the result quite often can be unpredictable. “I really did not like this and I love myself too much to decide on what kind of intervention” — the words of the great actress.

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