Куда пропала Бриджит Бордо

Куда пропала Бриджит Бордо

Shine the spotlight, a flash of light and recognition…. someone about this only a dream, and some
throws all this, being on the top.

Brigitte Bardot is already well over 20…but the temperament she is still incendiary. Movies “God
created woman”, “woman of Paris” brought worldwide fame to the actress, that already the Catholic Church
condemned outright movies with her participation. And bold posing in a bikini for the first time on
European beaches as the starting point for revolution. Men went crazy and
women envied, and all inherited her. It would seem, that else to wish the actress, but
Bridgette tired to depict the hot blonde. At age 40 she went to the movies to
to devote himself to the dogs and cats!

“I knew that one day I become famous, I will dedicate my celebrity, but for what
exactly at that time did not know! I dedicated it to pet!, — said the actress. She loves
dogs, cats, goats more than people, I repeat loves Bridget. After all, animals less
problems! And without batting an eye she exchanged the diamonds and branded clothing. All of these
values it was sold at auction, gather up the required amount, founded the Fund for the protection
animals. For the amount of the proceeds and bought the island on the shores near France and lives there with their
favorite Pets and enjoy a quiet life without the movie.
“If I hadn’t had these lovely animals – I’d be dead!, — said the actress.

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