Софи Лорен и Ален Делон стали поклонниками Ани Лорак
Foreign superstars visited the festival “White nights of St. Petersburg”.

Софи Лорен и Ален Делон стали поклонниками Ани Лорак

Alain Delon and Sophia Loren

Photo: press service

In Saint-Petersburg in BKZ “Oktyabrskiy” was launched jubilee international musical festival “White
nights of St. Petersburg”. For three days 8, 9 and 10 June
the stage competed with 14 contestants from 13 countries, performing his own and
songs and covers of the best foreign hits. Honorary
the event was attended by Russian and foreign pop and rock stars.
The undisputed top was Elena Sever and Alexei Vorobyov.

The first minute of the Festival began with a video message
Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulating the participants and
best wishes in the contest.

The festival was opened by the legendary band Scorpions
their hits. The last song rock band sang along with the contestants of the festival
gathering of all participants on the same stage.

In the final day of the festival, the host announced the results of our large-scale
the talent competition. The prize of spectator sympathies
got a group of Russians. Third place was shared by just 2 participants: Tina
Eve from Israel and George Gakis from Greece. In second place charming singer
from Thailand – Phrimaphaa Khornrojjanachawin. The favourite of the jury and the
the second day was a participant from Indonesia.His stunning voice and
bright manner исполненияSadhy Sondoro won the Grand Prix of the festival
gaining maximum points.

Recall, our country was represented by Andrea Nocera from Italy, Tina Eve of
Israel, Alejandro Irizarry from United States, the Chinese rock band “Liquid Qxygencan”,
Alma Maquet from France, a group of “Kamen Joshi” from Japan, Phrimaphaa
Khornrojjanachawin from Thailand, Nuno Resende from Portugal, Sara Sangfelt of
Of Sweden, George Gakis from Greece, Jorge Pardo of Peru, Sandhy Sondoro from
Indonesia. Russia at competition was represented by 2 participants — a group of “Russian”
and the young singer of Asenia.

After presenting the prizes to the winners, the Festival began to play with renewed vigor!
Participants performed favorite songs, and Russian and foreign guests — their hits,
the applause did not cease.

This summer the famous St. Petersburg festival said
25-year anniversary. According to the organizers, unlike Eurovision, contest
“White nights” has no restrictions on style and genre, the only condition for
participation is popular in the Internet. During the existence of the festival on
the scene of the Northern capital rose hundreds of world stars. And this year’s festival
once again proved that Russia is the only musical event
world-class, and the sanctions do not affect the arrival and speech of the world
stars. “White nights of St. Petersburg” — a festival of the future!

Ani Lorak

Photo: press service