Илане Юрьевой подарили звезду и телескоп
The actress celebrated the birthday in a country boarding house.

Ilana St. George with her husband Dmitry

Photo: Alexander Bylkin

Recently, the star of the show “Ural dumplings” Ilana St. George celebrated his birthday. The holiday was quiet, away from the hustle and bustle
the city as dreamed actress. To this end, Dmitry — the husband of actress — gave
her weekend away in a country hotel, where Ilana fully managed
enjoy the silence and nature. While Dmitry in advance
brought to the boarding house several expensive gifts, among which was one particularly
struck Yuriev: naming a star with a certificate and a telescope.

“I am incredibly happy that my husband “stole” from me
the city this weekend — shared the actress. — All this has become for me
surprise: we left Diana with her grandmother, sat in the morning in the car and drove….
All the way I wondered, where are we going, and only in the place realized it
wonderful hotel, made in Russian style, but with a French twist. And as soon as
we crossed the threshold of our room, Dima immediately began to give me gifts, part
of which was waiting for me already there. Apparently, I accidentally did not find them at home
in advance.”

The actress also said that the certificate for a star named
“Ilana Yuriev” she received at the end of the evening, and was amazed. The evening ended with the fact that the lovers were considered in the telescope
stars with the good weather that day was lucky — the sky was cloudless.