Сын Дениса Клявера вырос копией Ильи Олейникова
The musician shared the photo very adult Timothy.

Denis Klyaver with his son Timothy, and mother Irina Klyaver

Photo: Instagram

Denis Klyaver visited his native St. Petersburg, where he visited with relatives and
visited for the graduation of his eldest son Timothy. The boy graduated from grade 9.
Looking at the photo of the musician with her son, which he published in a microblog, it
fans noticed is that Timothy becomes like two drops of water
becomes like his famous grandfather, actor Ilya Oleinikov.
It turned out, it is not only the external similarity.

“If we talk about the grandchildren, they all blood. The Eldest, Timothy,
so generally mentality and character — a copy of my grandfather”, — said Denis.

By the way, Timothy is not only pleasing daddy good grades in
school, but continues to conquer new sports heights. 15-year-old Timothy was the
the champion of Russia in Taekwondo! And before that, last year the guy won
bronze medal at the world Championships.

son I am proud of more than their own, — says Denis. — Timothy
has long been involved in Taekwondo for many years is going to its goal. And what he has become
the champion of Russia is very cool! I’m 15 years wasn’t so serious and successful
as Timothy. While success is not circling son’s head…

the child started to train, I even could not think that he would have
for such results. These medals — the merit not only of Timothy, but his mother Julia,
which supports him, goes with him on all the competitions, and, of course,
his remarkable trainer. And I always morally support
son, explain that in addition to the victories, there are defeats, after which still
need to go for their goals. And, of course, financially encouraging him!”