Sony возьмётся за спин-офф «Человека-паука» о напарницах супергероя

A very original spin-off superhero spider-Man Sony is preparing. The main characters of the new series will be his girlfriend’s Black Cat and Silver Sable, who is in Marvel comics, but in the early series of the franchise appeared.

According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the film has already taken in the proceedings. Scenario for him, writes Chris Yost, the same man who wrote the screenplay to the third part of “Thor” “Thor: Ragnarok”. The story will be based on the story of Lisa joy. At the moment this is all the information, nor the cast nor the Director of the film not called.
In parallel, Sony has launched production of the continuation of the franchise on spider-Man. We are talking about the film “spider-Man: coming home,” the Director of which is John watts.
The premiere of this film, scheduled for 6 July this year. The main role in the film went to Tom Holland. And in 2018, the screens will be released film “venom,” which tells the story of salatom enemy superhero.