Селена Гомес рассказала об издевательствах на канале Disney

What American child has not dreamed in childhood to get on Disney channel? Those who appeared on screen as received world fame and a springboard into the life of the rich and famous. From the Studio of yesterday’s boys and girls came well-known performers and actors the only Question is, what it cost them. In a recent interview with American singer Selena Gomez told how much of the bullying experienced at Disney in childhood.

24-year-old celebrity started her star way in the TV series “Hannah Montana,” “Wizards of Waverly place” and “spy Kids 3: Game over”. After participating in television Selena realized that her calling is music, and early musical career. Now, Gomez has decided to try himself as a movie producer “13 reasons why” (“Thirteen Reasons Why”) – a psychological drama about a pair of lovers committed suicide. In an interview with The New York Times Selena told that the theme, which is revealed in the ribbon close to her. It turned out that Gomez childhood was difficult and full of bullying.
As a child, Selena many times subjected to ridicule and bullying, and because books were her best friends. Gomez said that he was hiding from everyone for the last batch and was very insecure. In particular, it was shown during her cooperation the Disney Channel.
“I know what humiliation and mockery. I had a great school life in the Disney Channel. My mother, too, can tell a lot of stories associated with it,” said Selena.
Once a week, Gomez deletes his Instagram account due to haters.
“Haters always write me. Imagine someone spends the time of his life to write a whole paragraph about me, my flaws and mistakes, and I know” laughs Selena, but, judging by the frequent depressions of her laughter.
Gomez’s mother Mandy Typhus gave birth to a daughter as a teenager. The decision to keep the baby others called a mistake and cause the destruction of the lives of both parents and the most Selena.