Sia показала лицо без парика

Finally, we can consider not only the chin, a famous Australian singer Sia, and the whole of it. The actress arrived at the airport Los Angeles by changing the rules of conspiracy.

Sia показала лицо без парика
41-year-old celebrity, usually hiding his face behind long bangs of the wig were captured at the airport during her trip to Dubai. There she scheduled a concert this weekend.

For travel Sia chose a comfortable sweatpants and a sweatshirt from Kenzo. To hide from the paparazzi singer didn’t and on the contrary smiled pleasantly to reporters.
Why did the artist change his principles is still unknown. Earlier in the interview she explained to a permanent stay in the wig unwillingness to be recognizable.
“I don’t want to be recognizable. Don’t want on the Internet discussing my appearance and not the music,” she said.