Интимное видео Бритни Спирс попало в сеть

Today already you will surprise nobody video from the personal archives of celebrities, but the stars themselves are tired to protect themselves from criminals that violate personal boundaries. Britney Spears became the latest victim of hackers and her private video hit the Internet.

In the video, which came to the editors of RadarOnline and which, for obvious reasons, cannot be shown to woman, similar to Spears, you’re in oral sex with a certain man. In the editorial no doubt that Britney is. Who is the lucky guy caught in the hands of the singer remains unknown, but I suspect that this was her 22-year-old boyfriend of the actress Sam Asgari.
“She is very depressed and no one wants to communicate. Her business has only gone up and published by someone her own sex tape – not what she needs at this point,” says an insider.
By the way, this is not the first time video personal archive of the star becomes public. In the biographic tape “Britney Ever After,” recently released, it was announced that Spears has filmed this kind of video with his longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake. However, her spokesperson denies this.