Эшли Олсен бросила 58-летнего бойфренда The Western media are discussing the breakup of the star and her lover, financier Richard Sachs. Lovers passionate affair lasted a few months. According to sources, Ashley and Richard decided not to go and leave friends.

      Эшли Олсен бросила 58-летнего бойфренда

      Western tabloids reported that the 30-year-old Ashley Olsen has split from 58-year-old financier Richard Sachs. About it the correspondent was told by a source close to the couple. The insider claims that the parting of the lovers did not prevent them to maintain good relations. It is reported that Sachs and Olsen are still happy to spend time with each other. According to media reports, Ashley plans to focus on his career. Apparently, this was the reason for the completion of the novel.

      “Ashley and Richard broke up. Right now she wants to concentrate on his clothing line. However, they’re still friends and hang out,” – said the insider.

      Recall that Ashley Olsen and Richard Sachs were first spotted together in October last year. Some time star and her partner preferred to hide his affair from the public. From outside could seem that Ashley and Richard are just friends, but a month later, paparazzi caught the lovers during a romantic date in new York. Sachs and Olsen cute hugging and kissing. Photos published in the tabloids, left no doubt in the new craze, actress and designer.

      Note also that sister Ashley Olsen Mary-Kate also prefers men much older than myself. In 2012 it became known that the girl had an affair with Olivier Sarkozy, brother of former President of France. Three years after the start of the relationship, the lovers decided to get married. The celebration took place at the residence of the pair in new York. On your holiday Olsen and Sarkozy had invited about fifty guests. Before the ceremony, they were asked to turn off their mobile phones.

      For a long time Mary-Kate chose not to share the details of family life. The girl carefully protect your relationship from unnecessary media attention and rarely talks about Olivier Sarkozy. However, not long ago, Olsen broke the silence and spoke about what a happy marriage. Fans of celebrities are truly happy for her.

      “My sister and I were very lucky: we work a lot, so we didn’t have time to dig in yourself. I have a husband, stepdaughter, stepson and personal life. I go home, cook dinner, and on weekends run. I am trying to find something that will help you relax, because otherwise you just burn out and lose productivity,” said Mary-Kate reporters.