Реформатор маткапитала Ирина Волынец: «Мы не рассчитываем на алкоголиков» Nedavno the head of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets made a bold proposal. It proposes to amend the system of state support of Russian families. In an interview with “StarHit” the woman revealed the details of his initiative.

      Реформатор маткапитала Ирина Волынец: «Мы не рассчитываем на алкоголиков»

      Matkapital can replace monthly benefits for the family and the adopted children until they reach 18 years of age: 3 thousand roubles for one child, 8 for two thousand and 15 thousand for the three children. One of the initiators of the reform was the head of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets.

      “I’m not against prisoner. Not to say that it is poorly proven, on the contrary, served as a good incentive for many families over the past ten years, the payment for the second child in the amount of 453 026 rubles has led to a rise in the birth rate of 31.2%. If in 2006 were born of 1.48 million people in the past – has 1.86 million,” – said social activist.

      While Volynets believes that the younger generation needs not only in improving housing conditions or education, which, according to the expert, “they will start to worry only after fifteen years.”

      “Children need food, medicine, books and toys. And moms, especially the unemployed, are experiencing financial difficulties, while having on hands the certificate on almost half a million. It is hardly necessary to hide the fact that some settled on the illegal encashment (remarkably, for such a service the mother should pay 50% of the amount) or a sale between family members to be accountable for the incident not on the fact of improvement of living conditions”, – says social activist.

      In connection with this contradiction the head of the National parent Committee offers a different approach to maternity capital. Volynets believes that people should be given the choice.

      “Let the parents decide what they need – 453 thousand rubles at once, or a monthly allowance. Moreover, the maternity capital is paid only for the birth of the second child, we want to deduct money for each kid to his eighteenth birthday. During this period the family, depending on the number of children will receive from a half to three million rubles”, – the expert explains.

      In advance in anticipation of criticism of his position, Volynets decided to tell us more about the audience, which directed its initiative.

      “Many believe that the idea of the camera better, because it is impossible to drink, so the answer is: we don’t expect alcoholics or other antisocial personalities, and we know that most mothers give birth to children not to receive their payments,” – said social activist.