Mironov and Knightley were trapped on the set of “first Time”

Миронов и Хабенский оказались в западне на съемках «Время первых» The actor admitted that it was difficult to get used to the suit and the suits of astronauts. In this way Mironov will appear in a new film dedicated to Alexei Leonov. The producer of the cosmic drama was made by Timur Bekmambetov.

Soon on the screens of cinemas will show the film “first Time”, dedicated to the life and career of the Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov. In anticipation of the premiere producer Timur Bekmambetov and starring Yevgeny Mironov, answered questions from users of social networks.

According to the actor, while filming them with his colleague Konstantin Khabensky, who played the role of commander Pavel Belyaev had a hard time. The costumes and 30-kilogram suits have been recreated in precise detail.

“We shot a month flight and this time was with this helmet. To be honest, it’s a handy thing. Alexey Leonov told that it was our know-how, as there was a filter… But sometimes the latch does not open, I could not open it yourself. Then, being in this ship with the Bones, to each other, we could not help because of inflated gloves, suits. Help could only assistant, and we were looking through her eyes”, – Mironov admitted.

As remembered Eugene, he even started the claustrophobia within the walls of a recreated space ship. During the preparation of some of the scenes the main characters had to actively train in the gym to develop endurance and coordination.

The film’s budget was 400 million rubles. Producer Timur Bekmambetov said that the release of the picture was postponed for a year due to the change of the Director. “We tell the story of a real hero,” said activist cinema. In the end, the band practiced Dmitry Kiselev, whom the Creator of “Night watch” is familiar for many years.

The famous cosmonaut Alexei Leonov advised the crew on technical issues. As noted by Mironov in the movie “RIA Novosti”, he treated the work of filmmakers with great respect. According to Bekmambetov, the novelty will be the first great film about space, filmed in 3D.

“First time” though, and tells about the events of half a century ago, but the film is connected not so much with the past as with the future”, – said Timur.

The film will be released in Russian cinemas on 6 April 2017. Besides, the day closed premiere of the film, March 29 in the cinema “October” will open the photo exhibition unique photographs from the life of Alexei Leonov, called “First in space”.