Sony заплатит $750 млн родственникам Майкла Джексона за долю в издательстве

The heirs of Michael Jackson has the opportunity to earn millions more on the work of his deceased relative. Today it became known that Sony was offered the heirs the deal, which anyone in their right mind is quite difficult to refuse.

According to the BBC, digging Sony buys 50% in the music publishing Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which previously belonged to Michael.

The deal, estimated to cost $ 750 million, should be completed by the end of March.

We will remind, couple of weeks ago revealed new details of the inheritance, which was bequeathed to the children of Michael Jackson.

According to the new documents that were made available to the press, Jackson took care of their three children almost to the end of their life.

The documents say that at the age of 40, each child will have available a large amount of the inheritance – about 99 million dollars each. In addition, they will have jewelry, art, memorabilia and more.

Note that now 18-year-old Paris, 19-year-old Prince Michael and 14-year-old Blanket live, nor in denying themselves nothing. For children receive monthly tens of thousands of dollars, including to pay for round the clock security, chauffeurs, and others of their whims.


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