Муж Татьяны Булановой был задержан за вождение в нетрезвом виде

The singer Tatyana Bulanova angrier – she had not only to pay the penalty for her husband, afford to drive behind the wheel of a car drunk, but blush, taking the faithful with the police station.

Vladislav Radimov was detained by militiamen on the morning of 13 March. The traffic police stopped the suspicious car, at the wheel which turned out to be the trainer of football club “Zenit-2”. At the request to show documents and to leave the car the man didn’t react. As it turned out, to show Ragimovu was nothing – he did not deign to carry documents and drivers license.
Forced drunk Vladislav brought to the police station, and the car he was sent to a shtrafploshchadka. Radimov was displeased by this turn of events, was aggressive and insulted the police, for what appeared in the camera.
Sources say that Tatiana Bulanova, who arrived personally to release the husband was very angry at him, but a fine of two thousand rubles was paid. During a short conversation with the faithful, the singer told him that the freebie was over for him.
It is not excluded that Vladislav was just drowned in his sorrows alcohol – a day before the incident, his team lost to “Volgar” with the score 2:3.

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