The son of Mary Kozhevnikova became a star TV

Сын Марии Кожевниковой стал звездой телеэфира Actress and MP brought an older child at the evening show. Maria Kozhevnikova presented the boy with Ivan Urgant. The heir of the actress made an impression on all viewers.

      Сын Марии Кожевниковой стал звездой телеэфира

      Famous actress and state Duma Deputy Maria Kozhevnikova for many fans is a true role model. In spite of intensive shooting in various projects and community activities, an artist – a caring mother and wife. Now Maria and her husband Eugene Vasiliev educate the sons – two-year-old Vanya and Maxim. And if the youngest child Kozhevnikova is trying to protect from prying eyes, the older she isn’t afraid to show the public, as showed by coming to the program “Evening Urgant” with the baby. Your experiences and reaction of the son to participate in the transmission of star of TV series “Univer” shared in the microblog.

      “Ivan wanted to come to visit his namesake, that already got shy at the last moment. Prepared with our hit, well, you know, “ulibaysya”, asked roll. Confused. But on the way home, first, persuaded to return, and secondly, I remembered that sang your favorite song. Eh, next time”, – told about the recent air Maria.

      Fans, in turn, left a review about the program in the comments to the publication. Many were pleased with how behaved son Kozhevnikova, and, of course, was amazed by the spontaneity of children, but also did not forget to mention the actress.

      “Ivan is just a wonderful kid! What shy to sing, so that’s nothing, I’m sure he will have 100 more chances to go on stage and sing your favorite song. And You, Mary, very good and loving mother, will be glad to see You again in the “Evening Urgant” only now with her younger son Maxim”, “You are very charming and easy to talk to! Nice to see a man without affectations and lomani in front of the camera. I think with you in life is very simple. Thank you parents is the right education” – expressed his admiration for the subscribers.

      I must say that, despite their young age, the son Kozhevnikova Ivan gradually gets used to the scrutiny. Not so long ago, he along with her mother participated in a photo shoot for the magazine. For this, he even received his first pay, which could freely spend on whatever you like. Himself and his younger brother, he bought toys.

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