Сын Стоцкой похулиганил в ресторане на дне рождения Five-year-old Sasha was running around the tables. The staff were sympathetic to the desire of the little hero of the occasion. Anastasia Stotskaya shared fun shots from the party son in the microblog.

      Сын Стоцкой похулиганил в ресторане на дне рождения

      Singer Anastasia Stotskaya have celebrated the first anniversary of his only heir. Son of the star and her husband Sergei was five years old.

      The details of children’s holiday, held on the eve of one of the restaurants in the centre of Moscow, Anastasia has not yet had time to tell. But judging by the short video, which the singer posted on Twitter, the celebration was a success, and his little culprit had a lot of fun and from the heart. Apparently, the birthday of the son the parents decided to cancel all restrictions for his beloved son Alexander. And at the end of the party in his honor, excited increased attention of guests to his person, as it usually happens on the birthday celebration, Sasha climbed onto the table behind which recently sat invited to the party.

      Сын Стоцкой похулиганил в ресторане на дне рождения

      The kid simply walked across it like on the catwalk, and the adults pretended not to notice anything. Birthday allowed for plenty of mischief. The restaurant staff did not make comments to the little bully. Although it is obvious that if in its place was an adult, without conflict would not have done.

      “My love, happy birthday!”, – signed in the microblog video featuring the son of Anastasia Stotskaya.

      In the following video the reason for the season already appears in the image of macho. Again on the table, but on the other, Sasha passionately kissing a blonde girl his age. “Definitely, it’s love!”, “Here young people went immediately for the jugular!”,- responded subscribers Anastasia Stotskaya on touching shots.

      By the way, a year ago, on the fourth day his son was born, she also had a big celebration with the theme of his favorite cartoon. The restaurant hall is decorated with beads, and its center was adorned with a huge portrait of the birthday boy Sasha 4. On the tables with sweets were the toys from the movie, and guests were entertained by animators in costumes of the characters.

      It is worth noting that in terms of education Anastasia considers himself moderately strict mother and opposes any punishment of children. Anastasia Stotskaya told what and how scolds son

      The child should be respected and preserved from danger, not to become its source”, – expressed his opinion once the singer in the microblog. Stotsky believes, children become unmanageable only from lack of attention from parents. So the singer and her husband try to spend with son Sasha all his spare time, indulging in every possible way baby.

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