Юлия Высоцкая о здоровье дочери: «Мы работаем, мы движемся, пока очень-очень медленно» Actress and TV presenter responded to numerous rumors that her daughter again fell into a coma. For more than two years, the doctors and the parents of Masha konchalovskaya fight for her life. Julia admits that the work continues, and she believes that her daughter will return to the usual life.

      Юлия Высоцкая о здоровье дочери: «Мы работаем, мы движемся, пока очень-очень медленно»

      On the state of health of an heiress by Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky, whose life has been more than two years fighting doctors, a lot of rumors. Recently, the community was shocked with the news that Masha Konchalovsky again fell into a coma, but no confirmation of this information still did not appear.

      In October 2013, the family of the famous Director and actress happened – the couple got in an accident in the South of France, the result of which seriously affected their daughter Maria. Girl in a coma, and Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky began perhaps the most difficult period of their lives. For a long time, grieving parents, did not comment on the incident and only after a while began to allow themselves to talk about the health of his daughter only to dispel all the rumors, and thus protect the family.

      In October last year in the media appeared information that the heir to the famous family came out of the coma and started rehabilitation. This was evidenced by the pictures taken by journalists during the alleged Masha walks with the nurse. The press has concluded that soon Mary will be back to a normal life, but a few months later her condition began to receive very conflicting information. Recently talking about the fact that Mary again fell into a coma.

      Julia: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live”

      She the girl’s mother admitted to not reading the materials about her family, which with an enviable regularity appear on the Internet. In an interview the actress said that she is surprised by the fact that from time to time discussed some new details of this history, and this despite the fact that neither she nor her husband, nor, especially, members of the family, do not allow any statements on the subject. About health Masha Vysotskaya this time spoke briefly: “We work, we move, going very, very slowly.” It is obvious that the girl’s parents believe the best and do not intend to surrender in struggle for life of the child.

      In April last year Julia gave a Frank interview in which first talked about the status of his daughter. Then the actress said she’s quite difficult to answer the question in the minds of Mary. “A coma is different and everyone runs different. There are moments when she’s with me, sometimes I don’t understand. That seems to be happening something, and we are very happy. Expect repetition, but it is not. But it happens something else. Everything goes slow…” – shared Julia in an interview with Tatler magazine.

      I must say, it is this circumstance the public has linked the sudden change of image of the Julia Vysotskaya, which literally struck the audience, Obruchal bald. Many believed that such a desperate step, the actress went because of personal experiences, but these speculations have not been confirmed.

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