Сын Пореченкова перевезет дочь поближе к дедушке Vladimir Lyubimtsev tired to travel between different countries. A young man working in Moscow, and his wife, Julia lives with her daughter in Tallinn. Father Vladimir Mikhail Porechenkov misses her child. So Pets is going to buy an apartment in the Russian capital.
Сын Пореченкова перевезет дочь поближе к дедушке

The eldest heir, Mikhail Porechenkov, Vladimir Lyubimtsev is removed in a single project with a famous parent. Father and son can be seen in the crime Comedy “Polar, 17”. It is expected that its premiere will take place on the TNT channel.

Vladimir’s wife Julia and baby daughter Miroslava live in Tallinn, so he constantly has to travel between Estonia and Russia. Son Porechenkova admitted that plans to bring loved ones closer to the parent.

“Of course, this does not mean that we move into an apartment his father had without our family is large. I’m going soon to buy us a separate housing,” shared Favorites with reporters.
Сын Пореченкова перевезет дочь поближе к дедушке

Mikhail Porechenkov loves his granddaughter and enjoys every minute spent with your child. The actor loves to play with Miroslava and regularly communicates with the girl when she is with her mother in Estonia.

“She is very musical girl, loves to dance and sing. Dad just loves it! Constantly communicates with her by email, and when she comes to visit, not let her out of his hands and before bedtime reading stories,” said son stars.

In early may, a famous actor along with his family attended the premiere of the film “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky in Moscow. Mikhail and Vladimir did not hide from journalists and happily posed for photographers. Many have found that the son of artist – copy.

The mother of Vladimir, the first civil wife of Michael Porechenkova Irina Lyubimtsev. She died in 1995 in Tallinn, when the son of the artist was only six years old. Vladimir was brought up by grandparents. Porechenkov saw the heir, when he was nineteen. Since then, the actor regularly helps him.

In an interview, Vladimir admitted that he always knew who his father is. The young man watched the TV series “national security Agent” and empathized with the main character. To the situation that prevailed in his family, the son of the actor were calm. According to Vladimir, he sincerely rejoiced at the success of his father. With the current wife Porechenkova his heir warm relations. Other children of Michael love brother and look forward to each visit.

It is known that Vladimir from his early years in Boxing and judo. Not so long ago, his famous dad got interested in wrestling and wants to defeat the heir. While the actor is not obtained. However, now father and son often is not seen in the training room and on set. The series “Polar, 17” was their third collaboration, the “7 days”.