Данилу Козловского измотала эротическая сцена с Ольгой Зуевой The actor was difficult to gather. Danila Kozlovsky said that the shooting of the episode outright demanded a special effort. Despite the fact that the whole team was overworked, they decided to complete the work, despite the fatigue.
Данилу Козловского измотала эротическая сцена с Ольгой Зуевой

At the end of April, the premiere of the film “the Coach”. Danila Kozlovsky decided to demonstrate all facets of his talent at the same time – he wrote the script, directed, producer. Of course, the Central role he adopted for himself. Do not forget about the beloved girl Olga Zuev. She played the beloved coach. Kozlowski did not deprive the audience the pleasure to see, on screen sex scenes. However, it was difficult to gather at the crucial moment of filming.

“It was complicated by the fact that it was processing three to four hours. I was very nervous. And light we set off the street, and it was the object in office a Ministry, we are barely through the seventh travelers received permission to put lighting equipment. They were outraged that middle of the night, and their super secret areas is light and it threatens national security. And I’m very worried about this. But when I was ready to light this, we have started to gather material, and eventually an hour and a half we have this scene removed. In the end, it turned out, from my point of view, very expressive and beautiful,” said the artist.

Danila Kozlovsky is trying to keep track of what the reviews left by people for whom he produced the film in wide release. Many will remember his negative statement to the Network users who did not like the trailer. The actor admitted that after this he ceased to pay attention to criticism. Danila Kozlovsky sharply responded to criticism of the trailer of his new movie

“I don’t mind criticism, I don’t mind when people don’t like something, in the end, we’re not a dollar to please everyone. But when it is combined with some dirty filthy rumours or transitions not just on the person, but when people sink to the bottom of this, printing some of the wording, what can you say?! Of course, it hurt, and now I do not read” – said Daniel.

Kozlowski apologized for controversial remarks against the Russians in an interview for “The People.” He explained that meant an anonymous online community that allows yourself to such negativity.