Son of the star “Charlie’s Angels” arrested for robbing a supermarket

Сын звезды «Ангелов Чарли»  арестован за ограбление супермаркета
Aunt actress is glad that the young man’s mother did not live to see such disgrace.

Сын звезды «Ангелов Чарли»  арестован за ограбление супермаркета

Farah Fawcett


The son of actor Ryan O’neal and actress Farrah Fawcett, star of TV series “Charlie’s Angels”,
was detained by the police for armed robbery of a supermarket. 33-year-old
Redmond broke into the building of the shop located in Santa Monica, putting a knife to the neck of the cashier, forced him
to give all of the proceeds. To the dismay of the actress’s son, the cashier turned out to be only 60
dollars. Then he tried to escape, but was soon arrested. The police
called the cashier, who admitted to guards that seriously feared for his

He was later released on bail of 50
thousand dollars and now awaits trial. Apparently, the Redmond, this time facing serious time. Before he was arrested. The first time
he was arrested back in 2008, when it discovered the drugs. Then the young man
justified by the fact that very worried about the mother who found

A year later, when the Spotlight was already dead, his
again caught the drugs, the man was given a suspended sentence. However, he
broke it and landed in jail — for almost a year. After his release
Redmond, as claimed by his father, Ryan O’neal, on the path
correction. However, apparently, he snapped again.

Aunt Redmond, who made his Deposit
admitted she is pleased that the mother of the young
man did not live to see this day. Otherwise it just would have burned with shame for that
she raised such a son.

The son of actor Ryan O’neal and actress Farrah Fawcett Redmond