Kiss! Popular blogger IDA Galic married

Горько! Популярный блогер Ида Галич вышла замуж
Nastia’s friend Ulevoi formalized the relationship with her lover.

Photo: Instagram

28-year-old IDA Galich became famous on the Internet thanks to its humorous videos (in the Network called “Minami”), which was posted on the personal Instagram blog. Creativity girls, devoted to the eternal feminine issues and relationships between men and women, loved by the public. At the moment, four IDA account, and they signed a total of about 6-7 million people. On its activities in the Network Galich earns well and can afford to live and nothing to deny yourself, beloved.

28-year-old star of Runet appeared to be successful not only in work but also in love. About a year ago she met a wonderful young man named Alan. The young people liked each other almost immediately began to meet and live together. In February of this year during a romantic trip to the Maldives, Alan made a proposal to his beloved. She said, “Yes!” However, some-what marred this wonderful moment. The ring that the groom bought the bride’s engagement party, simply didn’t fit the finger of IDA, which she then ridiculed in his own microblog.

“The ring is increased, the number of calories reduced in order to dress to get the fly!” she said subscribers.

But summer did not have to wait. In spite of all the wedding signs (say, to marry in may — life suffer) IDA and Alan yesterday officially registered their marriage in one of registry offices of Moscow. After “painting” the couple gathered our closest friends in one of the restaurants of the capital for a modest lunch. But today they are planning to arrange a luxury Banquet to which the invited friends, colleagues and of course relatives of the bride and groom.

The first night of their marriage as the second marriage, and the last premarital IDA and Alan spent at the hotel. All girlfriends Galich sure she got your lucky ticket. Alanchik (IDA call it the only way) loves his wife, ready for life to carry her in his arms and fulfill every whim.