Сын Никаса Сафронова может умереть в любой момент

25-year-old son of the famous artist Nikas Safronov became the main hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “live”. In the Studio Luca Safronov surprised everybody with her appearance – a young man, who until recently was a quite ordinary physique, noticeable weight gain. Thanks to the program, Luke underwent a medical examination, during which it became clear that the weight of the guy is 205 pounds. The doctors that were involved in the inspection Safronova, not a little alarmed by his health. Was present in the Studio nutritionist said that if Luke in the near term will not change your life and do not lose weight, he could die at any moment. And all because the fat taxation has already spread to the internal organs, and their work has already been broken.

The saffron unashamedly confessed to the Studio that now his only pleasure in life is food. “Nobody goes to bed on an empty stomach,” says the pianist, apologizing for eaten a huge bowl of pasta late in the evening.

Earlier, Luca’s father tried to encourage him to lose weight, promising to one day give him one of your paintings, but when the guy reached the goal, Nikas Safronov did not react, what really hurt the guy, “the Father gave me the painting in the bedroom. I always dreamed of a picture of a naked lady, and he said, “lose Weight ” will give”. I once lost weight, as they say, for the sake of laughter. And he wasn’t gonna hurt anything is to give. And again, I decided to get really fat, the second time probably already…”

In the Studio it was also said that, by nature, Luke is very vulnerable and sensitive person, probably because his health has affected how unstable relationship with the father, and the events of recent months (remember, Luke became participants of road accident with a deadly outcome). Probably Safronov was trying to stress-eating that now resulted in a few dozen extra pounds.